EXPED. 03 [CHIMAIRA] 46°59‘17.07“N 8°53‘56.07“E

Quasi natural hologram forming a kar landscape based on a merokar

The first expedition. Set up on Glattalp, central Switzerland, on a kar landscape. Where measurements of the coldest day found to show only 0,1K more than the coldest temperature registered in all of Europe. The mission - to melt a hole into four waxplates. To reflect on the search for black holes, practiced in far away deserts. A poem to failure.

AMS / Ultraviolet keratitis - Reflecting in circles while melting black holes

On the last day of September 2020, the second of a series of expeditions was held at Stelli in Safiental. Before the start of daybreak, a temporary installation was brought up into the snowy landscape and set up between the two primary mountain lakes.