Scanning for new structures

In preparation of the next expedition, taking place in 2023, LAO is discussing new scanning techniques with planetary scientists and upgrading its instruments based on photografic plates of the Digital Plate Archive of Hamburger Sternwarte.

EXPED. 03 [CHIMAIRA] 46°59‘17.07“N 8°53‘56.07“E

Quasi natural hologram forming a kar landscape based on a merokar

The first expedition. Set up on Glattalp, central Switzerland, on a kar landscape. Where measurements of the coldest day found to show only 0,1K more than the coldest temperature registered in all of Europe. The mission - to melt a hole into four waxplates. To reflect on the search for black holes, practiced in far away deserts. A poem to failure.

AMS / Ultraviolet keratitis - Reflecting in circles while melting black holes

On the last day of September 2020, the second of a series of expeditions was held at Stelli in Safiental. Before the start of daybreak, a temporary installation was brought up into the snowy landscape and set up between the two primary mountain lakes.